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Record of the Auxiliary Units 1940 - 1944

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Sites to visit

These people have kindly linked their sites to this one so it's only right I link to theirs.

Parham Airfield Museum - the home of the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation


Maiden Newton @ War

Maiden Newton at War is an event run by '1940s Maiden Newton' to raise funds for local charities and good causes. The 1940s Maiden Newton Committee is pleased to announce that Maiden Newton at War will go ahead again in 2012. They are finalising a few details but at this stage it looks good and they are planning on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June. This date is yet to be confirmed.


As part of an ongoing oral history and documentary project Martyn Cox of has so far recorded nearly sixty exclusive interviews with WW2 veterans. Many of these women and men served in intelligence or resistance roles and haven’t ever spoken of these in such depth and detail.

Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School, Framlingham. A video interview with Herman Kindred.

WWII, a British Focus
WWII memories, armour War Diaries, Cairo, Termoli, Primasole

Dover Underground - Subterranean military engineering in the Dover area

TRISERVICE.NET - a portal to lots of UK armed forces sites.

The Midnight Watch - Home Front civil defence organisations, CD, ARP and Home Guard.

The Home Guard - "Most of those men are now long gone and dead but we, as a nation, should be proud of them."

The Second World War Experience Centre - Personal recollections and much more.

AN AUXILIARY UNIT ‘HIDE’ (OPERATIONAL BASE) AT CILYBEBYLL  - description and pictures of an OB in South Wales.

BRANDON AT WAR - The impact of WWII on the village of Brandon, Suffolk with recently discovered information on the Brandon Section.

Camp X Historical Society - Camp X was the Canadian training base for SOE and OSS agents.

Dave Sampson's Mills grenade collection, interesting pictures of time pencils, 'L' Delays, etc.

Peter Dunn's Australia @ War a wide-ranging review of WWII in Australia and the Far-East

Australian Bunker Project uncovering Australia's forgotten wartime heritage

This site tells, mainly through the words of its members, the story of the 32nd (Aldridge) Battalion, South Staffordshire Home Guard

Somerset Pillboxes

Somerset Pillboxes, WWII defences on the Taunton Stop Line and in other areas of Somerset.

B.O.C.N. has been established to bring together military collectors and anyone interested in military ordnance to share their knowledge and information.  Their aim is to become a valuable resource and aid for anyone dealing with ordnance recognition.


This site is all about Coleshill House which was used during WW2 to train more than 5,000 of the general public and Home Guard in sabotage and guerrilla warfare techniques. John Sadler is a professional author and military history re-enactor. His group has begun a series of WWII living history events around the wartime exhibition at the Woodhorn County Museum in SE Northumberland.


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Revised: September 06, 2013.