Collector's Corner

Tom Paffett came across this rare example of an Auxunit lapel badge and has kindly provided us with a close-up photo. The badge itself is only half an inch wide and few pictures show it in such detail.


Being a badge and medal collector (quite a passion of mine), when I came across this in an antique shop in Essex recently I could hardly control myself.  I never thought I'd own a such a nice understated badge like this. 

It came from a recent house clearance apparently, sadly no name or anything supplied. It certainly is a poignant reminder that whatever people thought of or called the Home Guard; Dad's Army, Bath-chair Fusiliers, Look Duck and Vanish, etc., they were men who were prepared to fight and if necessary die to protect the population against the very real threat of invasion.  It is an honour to own something belonging to one of these brave individuals.

Thomas Paffett


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