SUNDAY 1st JULY 2007

This year's annual Open Day took place on Sunday 1st July in conjunction with the National Vintage Military Vehicles Association. A large collection of trucks, jeeps and a couple of tanks were on display.



Auxiliary Unit demonstration

The high spot of the day was the Auxiliary Unit Patrol demonstration delivered by the Pontefract Home Guard Living History Unit. A bit of artistic licence was needed. The demo took place in broad daylight before a crowd of onlookers, not exactly an Auxilier's natural habitat. The blanks and pyrotechnics made for a lively re-enactment though.

Sally B

The plane-spotters were thoroughly entertained by a spectacular fly-past by the B17 Flying Fortress Sally B and her Mustang escort from Duxford. Sadly, my camera couldn't do them justice.

The first Parham Museum Open Day took place on 4th July 2004.

2005 Open Day and informal reunion

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