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SUNDAY 3rd JULY 2005

The Open Day on July 3rd was a stunning success - thanks to good weather, improved publicity and a great deal of work. 3000 visitors doubled the number expected. Most of them seem to have squeezed through the OB, under the supervision of Roger Kindred (Guide) and the Museum (Curator Graham Bines). 

From the BRO point of view, Lord and Lady Ironside, our principal Patrons, were able to visit the informal Reunion of around 35 Auxiliers; and so did Lt Col Norman Field, OBE, our senior surviving Intelligence Officer, who travelled from mid Kent for the day. There was a tie for the longest travelling Auxilier between Roy Coleman (Port Talbot) and Trevor Miners (Perranporth). Capt Ken Ward (Auxunits Signals) was there, and so were Yolande Alston (Auxunits ATS); Capt. Barbara Culleton ( also ATS) ; and Jill Monk (SDS). At the invitation of the Prime Minister and HM Government, the three ladies, and some half a dozen Auxilers - brought together by Devon Auxilier Geoff Bradford - will be present at the Queens review on Horse Guards Parade 10th July, the first time the Auxunits have been so recognised. 
For the Open Day, a special display was mounted in memory of SAS Trooper and Norwich Auxilier, John Fielding, who died last year. A long-time supporter of the BROM, John survived the ill fated SAS Operation 'Bulbasket' which - on 3rd July exactly 61 years ago - was betrayed, the Troopers (including five former Auxiliers) captured and executed by the German SS, while fighting behind the lines in France. Ann Fielding, her daughter and grandchildren were with us for the day, having loaned John's fighting memorabilia - including his Fairbairn Sykes Commando fighting knife, his silk escapers' map, and prismatic compass, for display.


Graham Bines added exhibits, including an M1 carbine, from his own collection.

The first Parham Museum Open Day took place on 4th July 2004.

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