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Having got to this page, you will no doubt appreciate that this site lacks a certain amount of content. I am restricted not so much by secrecy but by copyright.

I would be grateful for any contributions, especially personal recollections and pictures. This is a hobby site so I can't afford to pay you. I will, of course, credit all my sources so you may get a little bit of immortality out of it. I ask that you personally own your contributions, the recollections are in your own words, the pictures taken with your own camera. Also, please keep it authentic, polite and non-libellous. This should be a site worth using for historical research so no fiction, obscenity or defamation please. As it's my site, I am responsible for what I put on it. I really don't want to get chased by someone's lawyers because I published something I shouldn't have.

If you would like to contribute something to this site please contact me by email, 

However, if you prefer pen and paper, you can write to me at:

Mr D Waller
Keldale House,
Beal Lane, Beal, 
N Yorks,
DN14 0SQ.

Parham Airfield Museum

Parham Airfield Museum is committed to preserving the past for the future and is dependent on fundraising and donations. There are a number of ways that you can help.

Make a donation
The objective is to secure a long-term future for the museum, building on the work started by the small band of determined enthusiasts in 1976. Every donation, large or small, will help us in this endeavour.

Become a Sponsor
Sponsorship can take many forms, including the opportunity to promote products and services through events, 'adopting' a favourite museum item or financing an aspect of historic building renovation or the acquisition of artefacts for the collections.

Become a Member
Members of Parham Airfield Museum actively support the preservation of museum.
Members receive the quarterly newsletter "Framlingham Times" with interesting articles and wartime stories and the latest news from the museum and all it's members.

Become a Volunteer
As a charity, Parham Airfield Museum relies on its team of dedicated volunteers to assist in the running of the museum, guided tours, gift shop, tea room and grounds. A few hours of your time could make all the difference at Parham Airfield Museum. Members volunteer for Saturday work days to continue the vital restoration work at the museum.
Many potential Parham Airfield Museum volunteers live too far away from the museum to be of assistance in a practical way. However, if you really want to help, how about taking delivery of some museum leaflets and taking them to local libraries, leisure Centres, Tourist Information Centres, Hotels, Attractions and anywhere else you can persuade to display them.
If you have skills or interests which you think could help the museum and can spare a few hours a week, please contact them.

390th Bomb Group Memorial Air Museum & The Museum of the British Resistance Organisation

Parham Airfield
IP13 9AF

Phone - 01728 621373

E-mail -

Scots Auxunits Information

Mr David Blair is researching into Auxunit activities in Scotland. He would like to hear from Auxiliers or anyone else with information they would like to share. He can be contacted by email at

You can also write to him at:

Mr D Blair
54 Younger Gardens,
St Andrews, 
KY16 8AB.

Or phone 01334 470599, 07731 353871

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