As part of their Home Guard cover, Auxiliaries wore the standard 1940 pattern battle-dress blouse and trousers, with the FS sidecap. The trousers were tucked into black or dark brown leather anklets over standard black ammunition boots. No equipment was worn, other than a webbing or leather waist belt, supporting a revolver holster.

As a concession to the 'dirty' conditions under which Auxunits operated, either in training or, more commonly, in the construction of their underground 'hideouts', they were given Overalls, Denim, comprising a separate blouse and trousers, worn over and to protect either their uniform or civilian clothing, together with black rubber short lace up boots having a waterproof tongue behind the lace eyelets. These were ideal for construction work or for moving soundlessly over paved surfaces. The rubberised brown groundsheet/cape was also issued and some units wore a woollen 'cap-comforter' with their denims.

Insignia were minimal, the cap badge being that of the county regiment. The Home Guard shoulder title was worn on each shoulder, surmounting the battalion number and the county name or abbreviation, both in black on khaki denim patches. Off duty, members could be identified by a small metal lapel badge, bearing the three battalion numbers, in cross formation on the red and blue shield and crown of GHQ Home Forces. Some Auxiliaries wore better quality Army issue uniforms 'acquired' from friends or relatives in the Forces.




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