Radnor Arms, Coleshill

Coleshill village lies on B4019 to Highworth. It is very picturesque with grey stone cottages and flagstone bridges over the roadside ditches. A grey stone wall with gatekeepers' cottages fronts the road North of the village and borders the grounds of the now demolished Coleshill House. The village ends at the foot of the hill, edged by a small river and open flat farm land.



Coleshill House grounds are owned and maintained by the National Trust. Though the house itself burned down after the war, the out-buildings remain.

Out-buildings at Coleshill


As does some of the original stonework.

Coleshill Gate Posts    Coleshill Statues

A much more detailed description of the house and the activities that took place there can be found in:
Auxiliary Units History and Achievement 1940 -1944, Major N.V. Oxenden MC, published by 390th Bombardment Group Air Museum.


Bob Millard took these photos at the Coleshill Auxunit reunion in 1994.

The Clock House is where the Admin and officers' quarters were located, the stable yard where the courses were located.

The sergeants and instructors had billets in the left hand end of the building flanking the stable yard. The course members had a long dormitory  on the first floor entered through the centre door and up  a flight of stairs. This had rows of natal bunks on either side and trestle tables down the centre with benches as seating. I recall sitting at these tables assembling standard charges and having various items explained to us In the centre of the stable yard was a wooden building that served as a mess and kitchen

Highworth has a number of old buildings, particularly in the town centre but is heavily redeveloped. The Post Office where Auxunit trainees reported for transport to Coleshill House was, in the mid 90s, a hairdressers and florist. It sits next door to a 3 storey Georgian building. High Street is full of white rendered buildings with black slate roofs and bay windows. It leads down a slight hill to the market square, now  a car park. 

Highworth Post Office

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