201 BN News

Geoff Leet

First published in the Caithness Field Club Bulletin 2005. Reproduced by kind permission of the author


The Secret Army had its own magazine. One copy was found in a Caithness home. It had 3 pages stapled together, the cover blue, with patriotic articles, a military quiz, jokes, promotions (and one demotion!), but giving no clue to the purpose of the organisation.

It was produced for the whole N. of Scotland area of 201 BN using a Gestetner copying process which involved typing through a waxed sheet to make a master whereby the ink flowed through the holes in the sheet when it was fixed on an inked drum. Mistakes had to be filled in with waxy "corrector" and retyped. Understandably the amateur editor did not bother too much about corrections!

Below just one of the main articles is reproduced to give a taste of the mind-set and concern of the senior officer.

Caithness Field Club Bulletin, 2005

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