The sergeant in charge of the team was Ike Wilkes. The unit was known within the local Home Guard as Ike Wilkes' Scouts.

Sergeant Ike Wilkes, Brotton Park
Set Attendant 36" rolling mill, Skinningrove Iron works. Served 1914-18 and spent some time in the Balkans on this type of action.

Corporal Tom Partridge, Brotton Park. Miner Lumpsey Pit, Brotton.

Lance Corporal Harry Beadnall, High St, Brotton. Electrician's Mate, Skinningrove Iron Works

Ike Wilkes, Brotton Park (son of Sgt Wilkes). Draughtsman, Skinningrove Iron Works.

Jack Robinson, North Skelton, Miner, Bolckow Pit, N Skelton.

Cliff Kaye, Brotton Park. Apprentice Fitter, Skinningrove Iron Works

Ray Waller, Oct 1940 (12018 bytes)Ray Waller,
High St, Brotton.
Apprentice Fitter,
Skinningrove Iron Works


The meeting place was in Brotton Park above Dick Appleby's disused stables. Dick Appleby owned the General Dealers and Off Licence at the end of the High Street. The O.B. was past Lumpsey Pit, along the railway line and down the embankment into Kilton Thorpe wood. It was always referred to as 'Abermill', the code-name was taken from the watermark on the paper they used.
The headquarters was in Redcar and there was another section in Castleton who trained with them occasionally but whose O.B. was not revealed.

Personal recollection of Mr Raymond Waller.

The section personnel had changed by the time that 'official' records were taken, Sgt Wilkes having moved on with Cpl Partridge promoted to take his place.

Brotton Section - official record

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