Research into Britain's secret wartime resistance army has always been hampered by a severe lack of official records. In 1997 the BRO Museum (part of 390th BGMAM charity) made the unbelievable discovery that an Official History of Auxiliary Units had been produced towards the end of 1944. In March 1998 the ongoing search for this invaluable document resulted in the discovery of its first type-written draft. This unique document, now published exclusively by the 390th BGMAM, provides the only contemporary account of Auxiliary Units from conception in 1940 to stand down in 1944 and is a must for anyone interested in the subject of British plans to resist a German invasion during World War Two.

Published by the Parham Air Museum
52 pages, 6 pages of photographs. Many previously unseen.
Copies available 3.00 + 1.00 post & packing. Please enclose cheque / P.O. payable to 390th BGMAM

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