Harpham Observation Post


Andy Gwynne, an Auxunit researcher in East Yorkshire writes:

We got word of a potential Observation Post in situ for the Harpham Patrol in East Yorkshire and sure enough we found a four sided concrete sectioned fox hole for want of a better word. This is a absolute amazing find.

The OP is approx 3 feet x 3 feet made of 4 concrete slabs with interlocking corners that enable to structure to be rigid. It is around 5 feet deep with a small section missing in one side which we feel is for a foothold to enable the occupant to get out very fast. The OP is situated around 100 yds from the OB Location and telephone wire was found in the bottom of the structure. Further down from the OP is another concrete structure of around 9 feet x 9 feet and 3 to 4 feet deep which we feel was the explosive store. All of this was confirmed by the woodsman's father who worked the woods during the war and all these structures appeared in early 1940. He was told unequivocally to keep clear of the woodland.

Nothing has ever been found like this in Yorkshire or any other part of the UK.


Harpham OP excavated remains


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